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The Official Scoop

Nikki Begg takes her passion for simple yet elegant designs, her knowledge of local vendors, her obsession for flowers and her practical financial background to deliver breathtaking weddings on time and within budget.

At a time when there have never been more choices, planning a destination wedding has never been easier. Nikki’s detailed planning structure brings elaborate events to life with ease.

In 2010, Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Magazine recognized Nikki J Begg as one of the top 25 Wedding Planners in the world in their first official “A List” of wedding planners alongside international event planners such as Colin Cowie and Mindy Weiss.

In 2016, Bermuda Bride won the coveted Best of Bermuda Award for Wedding Planner.

The Inside Story

I recall the day of my own destination wedding. It was almost 20 years ago, long before I became a wedding planner and long before destination weddings were in fashion. I remember walking across the parking lot with my sister (who was also my Matron of Honour).

I’d just had my hair done – and the curls were too tight. My head was exploding with all the things I had to do. My sister could see the stress written on my face. Suddenly she stopped me, took me by the shoulders and sternly said…

“Nikki, you have put so much time, love and energy into creating your wedding. Now you’re completely stressed out. Is this really how you want to remember your wedding day?”

She was right. But there was no one else handle the details – they were all in my head. Instead of hiring a planner, I wanted to plan our wedding myself. Because I thought I could do it all…I was super organised, and I had a very specific vision.

But there was one thing I had overlooked… I was the bride. I wanted to enjoy my wedding day. And that was impossible while juggling all the details. Because no matter how organized you think you are, with a destination wedding, in fact any wedding, there are so many things that you don’t even know to think of.

“The day I had spent more than a year planning began filled with stress and anxiety”

I had put so much pressure on myself to create an incredible experience for all our guests, I almost worried the day away. It wasn’t until we left the church and I saw how much everyone was enjoying themselves that I realized I had not really been “in the moment” for my very own wedding.

Creating Bermuda Bride

Now, you’d think – with an experience like that – I would never want to have anything to do with weddings again. But I don’t want brides to have the same experience as me, to have their Matron of Honour — or someone else brave enough to shake them and say, “Really, is this how you want to remember your wedding day?”

Today, I’ve been planning weddings for close to 19 years. And in that time I have curated an exceptional aesthetic and relationships with vendors that can complement your vision.  I am so incredibly lucky to have both a life and career I love.

I am often asked “What made you become a wedding planner?” After thinking a lot about what wedding planning really meant to me, I realised what it didn’t – it wasn’t the flowers, the excitement, or hearing the rustle of a silk wedding dress. It wasn’t hearing the sound of a string quartet begin to tune up. It wasn’t about seeing everything you’ve been planning for months on end come together – although I do love all of those things. I realised I simply wanted to help other brides, so they could truly enjoy their wedding day.

Your wedding day is simply about you being able to enjoy every moment and being surrounded by the people you love. It’s about family and friends and sharing your day with them. And it really is the one time – as scary as it sounds – where you should absolutely let someone else handle the details.

Every day, I get to do so many things I am passionate about (and I get to take my dog to work!). In the summer, I take projects home and sit on my deck. How could I not be inspired? Whether I’m designing a tablescape, working out a logistical problem, or simply getting stuff done, I love seeing all the details come together – beautifully. It’s like magic.

But the one thing that never changes for me … is just how important your wedding day is to you. A day filled with happiness and excitement. And you, seeing that all your plans came together…. well, better than you ever imagined.

Every day, I push myself to create something Beautiful and Extraordinary

Because trust is fragile. And the fact that someone has trusted me with their wedding day, without even really knowing me – it’s a massive leap of faith. Every day, I am excited about what I do. Together, let’s plan your Bermuda Wedding. It’s easier than you think.