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Wedding cake or cup cake?

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With thoughts turning to wedding cakes, Louise just sent me a link to “Baked by Melissa“, a cupcake place in New York that we’re going to try out.  Began salivating and couldn’t wait so I created two cupcakes of my own. The first is called Sunburnt (a red velvet jobby) and another called Bermuda Bride – an orange and pink creation, my favourite colours! Check out the site and design one in your wedding colours and then share it with me (the cupcake) that is! What a perfect unexpected touch to your wedding!

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Being a Beach Bride?

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As one of Destination Wedding and Honeymoon A-List of Top 30 Wedding Planners, we are often asked for tips and advice. This month I was asked for my top three tips for a beach wedding (results appearing in their next issue). If you got, or plan on getting married on a beach, what advice/tips would you give?

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The tragic tale of Romeo et Juliette

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The Metropolitan Opera held a breathtaking French performance of ‘Romeo et Juliette’ on Saturday night. My friends, who had so very kindly invited me, had a box. I pinched myself with happiness as people with their own dress code took their seats and the orchestra warmed up; that wonderful sound of discordant notes that somehow work – if only to build anticipation of what’s to come. I sat up front and centre, transfixed by every movement and sound. The sputnik-style crystal chandeliers disappeared into the ceiling, dimming in their orbit. Lights glowed in the orchestra pit, which brimmed to the edge with musicians and instruments ready to play under the powerful direction of Placido Domingo. Fluorescent dots slowly disappeared from sight as people’s mobile devices…

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The Wine Wars

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Bolero Brasserie is absolutely one of my favourite restaurants. It’s perfect for an intimate dinner with a man who wants to whisper nothing but sweet nothings into your ear or a group of girl friends for gossip, giggles and everything in between.  La Chaine des Rotisseurs, an organization to which I belong, had arranged a dinner on Saturday night which involved a blind taste test competition.  10 different wines? Bolero? Count me in! The timing could not have been better as my hair appointment had been booked long before the dinner was planned. (If you’re ever in need of your tresses to be expertly cared for go to Strands and ask for Jette.)  I enter the salon with my dead straight, dragged-through-a-hedge backwards, lack-luster hair and I…

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