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Happy Marriage Myths

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One of the greatest urban myths about marriage is that it “takes two” to make your marriage work. Don’t believe it for a second! That myth has destroyed far too many marriages. Don’t let it kill yours!

This logic applies to dancing, business deals, and other activities, but simply does not apply to marriage.

Marriage is different. Marriage is not a give and take relationship, and was never designed to work like other relationships.

When you understand marriage scientifically, you realize it only takes one determined spouse to make your marriage happy and healthy. This doesn’t mean that one person becomes an abuser or abusee. It means you understand the principles of marriage and can use them effectively.

All other relationships require constant cooperation, and an equal or fair level of effort from everyone involved. That’s what makes them work. They are based on what you have to give and what you get in return. But not marriage. Marriage is not a “give and take” relationship.

Even though it may appear like other relationships in some respects, marriage is different.

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Champagne anyone?

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One of the best perks of my job as a wedding planner is being invited to try something new: In this case, to be “one of the first in Bermuda to experience the champagne offered by Armand de Brignac, also known as “Ace of Spades”.  Initially, I was very skeptical – I am hard core and loyal to Billecart Salmon Rose, so it was going to take something quite remarkable to sway me to the other side. In preparation for the tasting, I read as much as I could find – In all honesty, I had never heard of the stuff. I looked up the website, read the blurb (and the hype) and reluctantly my interest was piqued: ~ In a blind taste test of…

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