2.06. In the morning. Disorientated and grumpy from not knowing why I am suddenly awake.  As the mental haze lifts, I slowly become aware of my surroundings. My pups are fast asleep, breathing deeply, their hairy chests gently rising and falling in unison. Dreaming doggy dreams. Their sound is barely heard over the deep, heady bass music pulsing from the roof top nightclub across the harbour. Too early to get up, too late to go into town and join in the fun. The lights from Front Street gently illuminate my room and I am drawn to the balcony, curious as to what’s going on. Looking out across the harbour, the water is deeply still and pregnant with the reflections of city night life. I am caught, spell bound by its pure clarity. It’s only when a shiver lashes my bare feet do I become aware of the cold, damp December air and reluctantly go back to bed.

Overwhelmed by where to start? Let’s make it easy!

Yes, Please