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Good Evening!

I just wanted to send you a small hello and big thank you! I was considering finding a beautiful card to convey all my thoughts, but given the well “snail-ness” of snail mail, I thought a technologically advanced thank you note would travel better over the Atlantic!

Firstly, it was wonderful to finally meet you after so many phone and email conversations! Everyone at the wedding was most impressed with your attention to detail, organization skills, and thoughtful, beautiful selections! I can’t even begin to imagine my wedding without you there. Every moment was so stunning and perfect, I relive the wedding daily and can’t believe it was all real. You managed to capture all my dreams and turn them into my prefect wedding- you are truly gifted at understanding and deciphering the importance of events and moments and translating them into flawless reality. When I think about each memory, each flower, each twinkle light, each morsel of food, each song, I know that you were behind every one. I really think I cannot ever thank you adequately for making the most momentous occasion of my life more beautiful and more memorable than I honestly could have dreamed it. It was absolutely perfect, and the relief and ease that I felt, knowing that you were there, carefully watching over everything, was priceless.

Your choice of Rev. Garrity could not have been any more perfect (for lack of an equitable synonym I repeat perfect again!) He was debonair, charming and witty and shaped the ceremony into exactly the right blend of humor, spiritualism and love. Thank you. Also, Debbie and Kerri were fantastic as well! They were ever helpful, sweet and courteous to all, and I appreciated all their hard work and words of encouragement to ease my frazzled nerves!

Really, the wedding was a wonderful success and I credit yourself, your staff and your selections for making the event so, well, perfect! Many of our friends and family who attended sent emails thanking us for throwing such a great party (but I suspect they knew you were behind everything! Hehe!) Thank you so much for everything you did- your hard work was invaluable, your personality was charming, your selections were fabulous!

Kudos, Many, Many Thanks, and Much Love-

Charlie and Heather

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