Planning a Destination Wedding

By this point, you’ve gone to dozens of weddings, spent countless hours on Pinterest and Instagram, flipped through piles of bridal magazines, and scrolled through – more than once – all your favourite photographers’ websites… You’re looking for ideas to make your wedding fresh and unique, yet still timeless and elegant. Full of exquisite details and breath-taking elements that capture your personality and sense of style…

And while the research may be fun and exciting… it may also seem like you keep seeing the same things over and over again… or it may leave you feeling overwhelmed by the many details and decisions. After all, there’s a deadline! You want it to come together beautifully. And you want to enjoy your own wedding day – without the stress.

Hi, I’m Nikki Begg, founder of Bermuda Bride.
My guess is that – if you’re on this site – you’re ready for some help.


Whether you are looking for someone to assist you with full service wedding planning or a ceremony on the beach or as little as being pointed in the right direction – we tailor our services to meet your needs (and your budget).

Regardless of the size of the wedding, we always start in the same way – with an in-depth conversation of how you imagine your wedding day.

I want to have a thorough understanding of what is important to you, your sense of style and your priorities. Because those will be the things you remember on your wedding day.

And by keeping up with what’s going on in Europe, the East Coast and West Coast – I’m able to bring a fresh approach to timeless elements and guide you on what works (and what doesn’t!).

Through careful, organized planning (and with over 16 years and 1,200 weddings of experience), we approach your wedding in a systematic way, to make sure nothing is forgotten.

There are still decisions, still a timeline – but it all becomes so much more manageable.

When Visions Differ

Planning a wedding is never easy. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes ideas may conflict.

By asking the right questions, I’m able to understand what each person is trying to achieve to create a result where opinions are respected.

That said, my priority is to ensure that your wedding day is what you’ve dreamt about, and after your fiancé, I will be your biggest supporter. But I will also give you the facts you need to make the best decisions and guide you every step of the way.

What’s Next?

Let’s set up a time to chat. During your complimentary call, you will receive:

  • Greater clarity around what you’d like for your own Bermuda Wedding.
  • Possibilities and costs.
  • Options on how to move forward, even if you decide not to work with me!

Do you want more information on planning your Bermuda wedding?

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