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A Beautiful Bermuda Wedding: Lee + Brian

By | Love Letters

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU.  Everything was perfect, the flowers, the photographer, the minister, the bagpiper, the venue and even the rain. Everyone was so impressed with the way Lara handled the situation.  Amanda was awesome and very patient. Our family can be kind of crazy at times but she was lovely. I can’t wait to see her photos!! We asked the taxi driver to stop at Horseshoe bay on our way back and he was kind enough to do so. He was so kind and so much fun!!! I wasn’t about to let the rain spoil my special day….so we all ran and jumped into the ocean. Everyone on the beach loved that I went into the ocean in…

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Wedding cake or cup cake?

By | Just A Thought

With thoughts turning to wedding cakes, Louise just sent me a link to “Baked by Melissa“, a cupcake place in New York that we’re going to try out.  Began salivating and couldn’t wait so I created two cupcakes of my own. The first is called Sunburnt (a red velvet jobby) and another called Bermuda Bride – an orange and pink creation, my favourite colours! Check out the site and design one in your wedding colours and then share it with me (the cupcake) that is! What a perfect unexpected touch to your wedding!

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Bermuda Wedding and Honeymoon – The Story of Kim Seluga and Steve Zhu

By | Confessions of a Wedding Planner, Media

Volume 25 of Bermuda Wedding and Honeymoon is hot off the press. Kim Seluga and Steve Zhu Bermuda wedding story is featured on Page 21 exquisitely photographed by Alex Masters. Thank you for asking Bermuda Bride to assist with your wedding plans. We wish you a life filled with happiness and laughter! http://blog.bermuda-wedding.com/flippingmag/bda_2010fall/

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By | Confessions of a Wedding Planner

What a huge leap of faith it is to have someone else plan your wedding. This very thought inspired “Girl on The Hill”: posts about my life, what rocks my world, what makes me cry, what takes my breath away and how I find happiness in the most unexpected places. It’s also a phenomenal opportunity to share life in Bermuda. Hopefully through these posts, you’ll get to know me, my crew and “my island home” a little better. Click the link to read more!

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