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A Beautiful Bermuda Wedding: Ashley + Ken

By | Love Letters

Everybody has their idea of the “perfect” wedding, and those involved are oft times rather hidebound in their views. The bride and her mother want a splash while her father frets over costs. The groom’s family act like deer in the headlights, largely oblivious to the chain of events. And the bridegroom just hopes to keep discord to an absolute minimum. Add Bermuda as the destination and you’ve got the makings of a true drama.   Enter Nikki Begg and her team at Bermuda Bride. They offer: 1.  The critical eye of a Vogue editor, 2.  The cost consciousness of an accountant, 3.  The sensitivity of a shrink, 4.  The skin thickness of a rhino, 5.  The tact of a diplomat, and 6.  The organizational…

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