Vickie & Joseph Get Married In Bermuda

Hi Nikki,

Now that I am home, I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you what a wonderful time Joe and I had on our wedding day on May 14th. Everything was lovely, the flowers, the champagne and the cake… The cake was beautiful and delicious. Also, Amanda, Kate, Rev. Garrity & yourself were so nice and wonderful to be with that day. Thank you.

I also wanted to tell you a nice little story that happened to us while we were in Bermuda a few days following our wedding day.

On Thursday 5/16, Joe and I went to the aquarium and we were in the gift shop purchasing some trinkets for home. When I overheard the two lovely women, who work in the gift shop, mention Jobson’s Cove (which caught my ear). So I said, Jobson’s Cove my husband and I just got married over there on Tuesday. They were so excited for us and asked us ‘what made you come to Bermuda?’ ‘how did you plan everything?’ etc. And we told them that Nikki from Bermuda Bride planned everything and we were so happy with our day and the location – that it was a wonderful experience we will cherish always.

One of the women, mentioned that her friend Betty works for Bermuda Bride as well and that they always do a lovely job of planning weddings. Well to top it all off – they told us to pick anything we wanted from the gift shop as a wedding present from them (isn’t that the sweetest thing!). We chose a nice little photo album that has Bermuda printed on the front, so we can always remember them for their generosity.

Again, Joe and I are so happy with our day and we can’t wait to come back to Bermuda on our anniversaries. Bermuda is so beautiful and the people are so nice – we will love learning more about the island and meeting more lovely people in our future travels there.


Vickie & Joe

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