What happens if it rains?

One of the most stressful parts in planning an outdoor destination wedding is wondering if it will rain on your wedding day. We wish we knew, but we don’t, instead we do the next best thing – we plan for every contingency.  One of the best things about the island is that summer showers quickly pass over, you can actually watch it happen. It can also be raining at one end of the island but not the other.

We know you’re passionate about getting married outside. After all that’s why you’ve come to Bermuda. So we make an informed decision: If it looks like the rain has settled in for the afternoon, we go with the new PLAN A which we chat about during the planning process. And if it looks like a brief shower, we stay with the original location but delay the ceremony by a few minutes. If you’ve had to go to the back up plan, and if time permits, we’ll head to the nearest beach or cliff so you do get photographs outside. It is your wedding day in Bermuda after all!

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